OOTD: bunny chic

Easter Bunnies are so chic aren't they? What, you've never seen the Easter Bunny? Well, in that case let's just pretend that it's a she and she wears a bow bun and ruffly socks and usually only washes her hair every 3 days...oh wait, that's me!

I think style can be playful and often a source of fun and giggles. Henceforth (sorry the Game Of Thrones premiere is coming and I got excited)...thus, I drew on some bunny whiskers with black liquid liner and a pink nose with my MAC lipstick and ta da, I'm ready to go poop on your lawn!

This outfit is another example of a visible bra - see the pink one peeking in the Romper OOTD. If you have a shirt that you'd rather wear with just your bra (no undershirt), own it by wearing one in a fun color!

If you're inspired by bunnies like me, try drawing on a nose and some whiskers this Easter. Wear it with a regular outfit for just a hint of Bunny Chic...tail optional.

The Outfit Deets: