OOTD: orange on orange on peach

i've been working long days interior designing on and off camera for this TV show (soon to premiere, i'll post more details later) and this is what i wore for the 'reveal' day this past saturday. i'm pretty dog tired, as you may be able to discern from my vacant stare, but it has been fun and very rewarding!

this is a sort of monochromatic look in an electric kind of way. peach and orange are in the same family so it works. i like playing with different tones of the same color. i love this jacket from Zara, it's sort of Chanel esque with the tweed texture. it's finally getting a little chilly in LA so i can wear boots and jackets!

the boots are by Luxury Jones but you can see my DIY versions here!


  • jeans: urban outfitters
  • tank: forever 21
  • jacket: Zara
  • boots: Luxury Jones or DIY a pair here
  • jewelry: vintage native american bracelets and all Mr. Kate rings and necklaces - shop here!