orange flip

outfit #2 on vacay. we went out to dinner at this amazing vegan restaurant called Sublime (see food pics here). i wore this Bamboo Dreams maxi dress that is 95% bamboo! i got it for 90% off at Jami Lynn - so $14! i wore it with my inspiration fabric and orange lipstick that i wanted to be more bright orange but instead it's kind of reddish orange. p.s. i was blowing through my lips in the first photo which makes me look like i'm doing the Olsen twin pout - borderline annoying but my mom made me post that photo.

- bamboo dreams dress, mood fabric wrap, revlon lipstick in orange flip, all Mr. Kate jewelry including the Bark Ear Cuff, Decay Starburst Earrings, Screw You ring and Worm Cuff - shop here -