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Our Birth Story

Welcome to the world, baby Moon!

No birth story, or experience is alike, and our experience having Moon was as unexpected and unique as we know he will continue to be! Watch the video above for the full story (and an introduction to Mr. Moon himself)!

Our delivery story started, as many seem to, in the middle of the night. A spicy Ethiopian dinner got things moving and my water broke in the wee hours past midnight.

The next hours were very *sensational*, as we expectant and laboring mothers are advised to not use the word "pain" because of the negative implications. I experienced intense back labor, which meant that my back seized up and cramped in-between contractions, so there was no relief. Our doula was there, my sister Tess arrived too, and Joey got me through with his incredible support.

Since I was shaking so much, we all thought I might be close to delivery, so we went on a wild trip to the hospital. However, once situated in our hospital room, it turned out that nothing was going as expected. I had been in labor for over 24 hours and was only 3 cm dilated. After medication and an epidural, and more hours of labor, Moon was not progressing down the birth canal, and we all made the decision to go forward with a c-section.

Very shortly after, Moon Albrecht Zehr landed!

We are so in love with our baby!

Though the birthing experience was absolutely nothing like what I expected, I am so grateful to Joey and Tess, and cannot explain how much this experience has brought us all even closer together. I didn't think I could be closer to Joey, but after going through the 40 hours of bringing Moon into this world together, we are even further bonded.

I also cannot say enough about how much support my sister Tess provided throughout the entire process. She was there for everything, with handmade positivity mantra signs in tow. Moon is so lucky to have such an amazing Aunt!

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