Our Most Feel-Good Makeover Yet!

Karma has a new name today, and it's Kate! For this living room makeover, we were so lucky (and so happy) to be able to help out a woman who is a caretaker for disabled persons, a caretaker for her mother and brother who live with her and have disabilities, and a new foster mother! She put everyone above herself to the point that she was sleeping on the sofa so everyone else could have bedrooms ... so we definitely needed to step it up to make sure we returned all of the warmth and love she gives to others back to her in the form of a new living room!

Watch the video above and check out the pictures below!

This honeycomb wall shelf is a DIY! Check out the video for steps on how to create it!

Though it may be a controversial move, I think our decision to paint the stone mantel in this room a bright white gives it such a modern, yet minimalist tone and adds such interest to the room!

Before we got into this space to make it over, it was entirely carpeted, which was not only unattractive, but difficult for Lisa's mother to get around in her wheelchair. Luckily, Joey was able to sneak a peek that some hardwood floors were hiding under the carpet! The floors were a little damaged, so we stained them with this rich, dark stain to make them look good as new!