outfit: pastic wrapped

i wore this outfit last weekend while out and about. we quickly snapped these photos at our local newsstand, the plastic protectant proved to be a fun photo filter, rain-spots and all. i'm wearing the t-shirt scarf that i made a couple days earlier with Rachel - see the DIY video here!

i love this skirt because of the sheer fabric and fuzzy heart print - plus, it has a built in mini skirt so you don't have to worry about what to wear beneath to cover your tuckus.

- Forever 21 skirt, Crown Jewel tank, really soft white jacket by my friend Kimberly Ovitz, ASOS platforms, DIY t-shirt scarf, red woven belt from The Goodwill, Mr. Kate bow ring in rose goldā€¦coming soon for Holiday 2011!, my really beat-up yellow Balenciaga wallet -