Nursery Makeover, Part 2!: Painting & Planning

Our guest bedroom is now officially one step closer to being ready for the ultimate little guest — Mr. Baby! We cleared it of all furniture and gave it a new appearance with some paint and DIY wainscoting. I can't wait to see this forest wonderland come to life for our little boy ... but that full transformation will have to be saved for another video!

Watch the episode above and check out the before and after pics and behind the scenes fun below!

Our official Valspar paint selections ...

We painted the top half of the wall gray and painted the bottom half white, then added DIY wainscoting for some architectural detail. See the tutorial for this project here!

The Purdy paintbrushes, rollers, and roller covers we used are all part of why this room turned out looking like a professional paint job!

What a difference! I'm so enamored with this new room. Now to celebrate with a rug cuddle!