Minimalist Paper Cut-Out Face and Makeup Art

Like any makeup guru/ beauty goddess, my friend Patrick Starrr is a man of many faces. So, when we decorated his Beauty Room for OMG We're Coming Over, it was only fit that we found a way to represent some of those faces in a fresh, new way.

Taking inspiration from the modern, color-blocked aesthetic of the room and the plethora of pastel shades it displayed, we DIYed some minimalist paper faces faster than you (or I, or even expert Patrick,) could say "contour."

So pucker up and check out the how-to for this oh-so-pretty DIY below!


Prep It:

White paper Colored paper Scissors Glue sticks Various lipstick shades and eyeshadow shades Paintbrushes Picture frames


Do It!:

  1. To make the paper face art, cut out different freehand shapes of faces, eyes, mouths, or other features in various shades of paper. I kept my faces in skin toned papers, then added pops of color and flair in the different features. Don't feel the need to be realistic with these! The more abstract, over exaggerated or asymmetrical, the better!
  2. To assemble the paper face art, glue the face shape down onto a white piece of paper, then start layering and gluing the different paper features on top!
  3. To make the eyeshadow wall art, dip a paintbrush into loose powder eyeshadow and paint it on a piece of white paper. It's almost like using chalk pastels! I added a pop of pink lipgloss at the bottom of the eyeshadow stripes, so don't feel confined to any one category of makeup!
  4. To make the kisses wall art, apply brightly colored lipstick or lipgloss and plant your best kiss on a piece of white paper. Continue this step with different shades of lipstick, and/or get others to join in, too! Different sizes and shapes of smooches will bring a "well-loved" look to the art! XO!