polkadots and meese






in celebration of having my Mr. Kate jewelry now carried in the amazing/cute/hip/hot store Polkadots and Moonbeams here in Los Angeles (8367 & 8381 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90048) here is an outfit with polkadots and mice....or meese or mouses or meeses.

superbowl party yesterday was totally mad hatter and i shall post some hilarious pics from that later today or tomorrow. hope everyone had a great weekend!....fyi, my website shop is having a cow, as of late, and is not charging shipping on any order! so take advantage of it's disability and get FREE SHIPPING ON ANY MR. KATE JEWELRY before i get it fixed!

oh, and Otis & Maclain blog posted some photos from one of my blog posts where i wore one of their t-shirt designs.... coolio o!

white leopard tee2

photos: background artwork by me and various artists, Kara Joy dress, black tights, Converse boot sneakers, Mr. Kate twig cuffs, nuts 4 bows etc. chain wrapped around wrist and finger, screw you necklace all in my shop and random skull bead bracelet. mickey mouse from google.