Free Printable 2016 Calendar

MrKate_Calendar_Blog (6 of 9)MrKate_Calendar2016_Blog If you, like me, meet each new year with plans a plenty and renewed, invigorated creative energy, January can turn out to be both a blessing and a curse. I often am so excited to initiate all my big ideas and schemes for the new year that I forget to pace myself ... I just do everything right away and end up overwhelmed, frazzled, and lost within a giant pile of half-completed DIYS.

But this year is gonna be different. To take fate into my own hands (quite literally), I handlettered a calendar that can be printed out for FREE, hung up, and used to plot DIY masterpieces throughout the months. There's no better way to enter a new year than clear-headed and organized, so download a copy of this hand-drawn calendar, and let the rest fall into place!

Prep It:

Paper to print on Downloadable PDF from this post (give it a few seconds to load because it's a big file)! Clip board

Do It!:

  1. Download the calendar, then print.
  2. Hang it on the wall, stick in a clipboard, give to a friend, and enjoy!


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