Rainbow Mermaid Unicorn Apartment Makeover for Jessie Paege!

Sometimes less is more ... and sometimes you just gotta be a rainbow mermaid unicorn, you know?

Jessie Paege, the 18-year-old, walking Lisa Frank illustration/ full time YouTube cutie who was our next OMG We're Coming Over recipient knows this very well. She wanted color, she wanted fun, she wanted weird. I know you probably haven't seen the episode or scrolled through the pictures yet but get to it! — because we delivered on those requests with the most vibrant and DIY-ed room this series has seen yet.

Press play above to watch the episode and check out all the pictures (and shopping links) below! But you might want to throw on some shades first for all the brightness that you're about to see.

Drip, drop! Check out this DIY Rainbow Drip Paint Wall!

She loves it!! One of the things Jessie wanted was a lot of different places she could film her videos in front of, so we had to give her lots of color and interesting backgrounds!

This was what Jessie had been filming in front of!

All pantsuited up and ready to get messy!

Shop this room:

Crate walls have been a Mr. Kate staple for such a long time! They're so fun to stack, and great for well designed storage.

I made this DIY Minimalist Mermaid Art for Jessie's friends and visitors to sign when they come to her place!