raw metal bead strands. check. red eyeshadow. check. camera remote and a healthy dose of narcissism. check check.

just hoarded a bunch of raw metal beads - most of them thai and african i think - from a store that was going out of business...thanks for the tip Smiley! i have big plans for them, so stay tuned. in the meantime, i'm enjoying piling them on and feeling the weight of raw brass around my neck and wrists - also flaunting the latest Mr. Kate Decay Medallion Ring which i just finalized yesterday - yessum.

so bizarrely in love with this red eyeshadow from Concrete Minerals in Heart - blogged about them here. it's the perfect in between red-persimmon-orange-y. i just smudged it around my eyes and it worked - i think... at least i didn't get any comments like, "woah, are you severely hungover or do you have raging pink eye?"

- flea market cropped top under american apparel white shirt, raw beads, feather extensions, Mr. Kate Decay Dreamcatcher Medallion Crown Ring, Cute Knot Ring and Decay Fortune Ring -