Recessed Light Upgrade: Screw-In Pendant

In the hierarchy of overhead lighting, recessed ceiling lights are among the most popular designs (often built into the apartment or home), though maybe not the most aesthetically exciting as compared to a pendant light or chandelier.

But, what if you could convert that big ole' hole into one of those more elaborate designs? Thanks to some stroke of genius, there are pendant lights (and even mini chandeliers) made to screw into the lightbulb outlet of a recessed ceiling light. The plate of the pendant will cover the recessed light completely, so as far as anyone will know, you've just always had beautiful pendants!

Add a filament bulb to your pendant light for a vintage touch, and your overhead lighting situation just got the best (and easiest) upgrade! mrkate_lightpendantsupplies

Prep It:

Screw-in pendant light (other cute options here and here!) Filament bulb

Do It!:

  1. Remove the lightbulb from the recessed light. No need for it anymore!
  2. Screw the pendant light into the lightbulb outlet, then screw the filament bulb into the pendant light!
  3. Stand back, enjoy your easy design upgrade, and watch it shine!