Revealing Our Colorful Tiny Home on Wheels!

Away we go! Well ... eventually! While the pandemic is still a present concern in California and beyond, we've actually been able to make the best of the quaran-time and get our Airstream fully renovated, redecorated and ready to go!

This was one of our most challenging designs, since everything had to be compact, lightweight, able to fit into curves, and stable ... since this home is on wheels, after all! I was largely inspired by the 1960s, the heyday of Airstreams, for the aesthetic, and rounded out the design with colorful murals, some leopard touches, and a Matisse moment or two!

Watch the video above for more details on how we renovated and updated our Airstream to work for our family of three, and check out the before and after pictures and shopping links below for inspiration!

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