Roommates Apartment Makeover

Adulting is ... hard. Especially when you're living in your first space as a working individual and want to have an ambience that says more "dinner parties" and less "dinner is leftovers I grabbed from that party two days ago."

Aisha and Adaeze knew exactly what to do when they ran into this super beige snafu: they called on us! We couldn't resist their charm (and Harry Potter charm spells), and knew that all it would take is some Breaking Beige magic to rid this shared space of its hand-me-down shabbiness and give it a colorful, sophisticated, yet fun life.

Watch the episode above and see before and after pics and shopping links below!

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Brand new...ish chairs!! Instead of purchasing completely new ones, we upcycled the chairs the girls had with this DIY! P.S. These prints are from Lik Squared!

Who doesn't want their very own DIY wand? Get the tutorial here!