DIY rosebud garland and photo display

I love how this DIY dried rosebud garland turned out, it's simple, bohemian and romantic. String this around a door, window or over a bed. For a Valentine's flair add a simple wooden clothes pin with a photo of you and your lover or friends...life is rosey!

Prep It:
  • a handful of dried rosebuds - you can shop them online
  • glue gun
  • hemp twine
  • clothespin (if you want to hang a photo)
  1. cut the twine to your desired length- we made the twine about 7 feet long
  2. dab some hot glue onto the twine and gently press 1 to 3 rosebuds onto the glue
  3. repeat step 2 down the length of the twine, we did sporadic placement so it looked more organic. tip: leave about 1 foot with no rose buds at either end if you plan on hanging it from end to end.
  4. gently hang your garland with thumb tacks or small nails.
(featuring Mr. Kate Vertebrae Ring in rose gold)