my Mr. Kate wreath! i've been so busy i haven't done my winter solstice decorating yet! joey and i nabbed a pre-made wreath at Trader Joe's tonight while we were grocery shopping. i'm not going to get a cut tree because i'd rather something alive or unique. last year i decorated one of our indoor ficus plants as our tree (check it here). this year i'm thinking of either DIYing one out of fallen twigs and branches (like my jewelry tree) or just getting something potted that we can then add to our collection of plants outside after we're done with the winter fun. i do love the smell of the evergreen sap so i'll satiate that desire with the wreath and scented candles. do you all have a tree? what do you think of cut vs. living vs. artificial?

PS. it's cheesy as pizza but i totally heart this song and have been blasting it non stop and dancing with Winston.... um, those back up singers are the bee's knees eh!?

- rings on wreath: Blob ring and The Stylish Wanderer x Mr. Kate present Le Cadeau -