scrunchy face






two new happy wrinkle face pendants to round out the collection with a total of five! here are the first pictures of #4 and #5.... i sculpted #4 with an old muslim woman or gypsy in mind and #5, i wanted a heavily creased forehead, a dimple chin and a mole, this one is kind of androgynous like #2. but most of them just take on shape and personality as a sculpt, manipulate and melt the wax. they are cast, like the others, out of recycled bullet shells. i won't have them in stock until after thanksgiving, so stay tuned!

i had joey take these pictures in front of my mugshot set-up, which i had to set-up again, to take more pictures of even more new pieces i just made, so that i can include them in my lookbook. my appetite is too big, i have to stop making new jewelry and just get what i have out to stores and shizzz.

now off to make dinner and read The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone that just arrived from amazon finally! yay healthy veggie food.... i'm hungry!

outfit: Goodwill bought man's sweater, happy wrinkle face pendant #1, #2, #3,#4 and #5.