sergeant saddlebags

last night we introduced Tess to Samosa House.... it's soooo good! the soy mango lassi is redonk. still obsessed with my new lace-up canvas boots...and so was this homeless woman in downtown LA yesterday. she whispered at the back of my head "where'd you get those boots?"..."um, the Beverly Center...?" i also got my hair cut and colored yesterday, which is why it's so straight... i kind of don't like it like this, it's too blown-out sorority chic looking...

diy note: i got this gigantic aluminum chain for only a few bucks from an online jewelry supply store. it's looks chunky gangster but is actually really light because it's aluminum. i made it into a long necklace by connecting the ends with a gold paper-clip... instant necklace with a quirky flair that goes with anything daaahling!

- sans sousi jacket ($30 on melrose ave.), flea market crop-top, urban harem pants, jeffrey campbell canvas boots, sissi rossi bag, diy chain necklace, Mr. Kate bark ring, screw crown ring (as pinkie ring), buried treasure ring in 10k gold, gifted bcbg spiky ring. -

photos by titi rodriguez