Shopping for CloeCouture's Glam Apartment on a Budget!

Believe it or not, interior design really is a creative outlet for all. If you have the interest and desire to make your home an exciting and aesthetically pleasing place, then you have the tools! As demonstrated in this vlog, where I shop for Cloe's OMG-We're-Coming-Overed living and dining room, where I shopped and designed this entire space within her college girl's budget!

You just need to get creative with thrift stores, being open to unexpected finds, and looking for solutions (i.e. spray paint) to make an alllllmost perfect item work for you!

I hope you enjoy and are inspired by this video, above! Check out more pics of the process below.graphics_beforeafter-1280x256mrkate_omg_waco_chloe_blog-3-of-140mrkate_omg_waco_chloe_blog-129-of-140mrkate_chloe_blog_before-1-of-4mrkate_chloe_blog_edits5-2-of-4p1860131p1860141mrkate_chloe_blog_edits4-1-of-1

Shop this room!: