side braid pony

i did this asymmetrical braided ponytail hair-do when i went to the Free People event a couple weeks ago - see more pics here.

Do It:

my hair was dirty and messy to start out so i used the body and texture i already had going on to dictate where i put the braids.

  1. part your hair on the side.
  2. choose random locks to braid in messy braids - i got the wavy/messy braid look by using the 'drawstring' technique i do in this video. basically you just pull on one section of the braid and scrunch up the other two to make it look messy and wavy.
  3. connect some of your mini braids with bobby pins on one side of your head.
  4. gather all of your hair in a low ponytail to one side at the nape of your neck - choose the side opposite to the part. use an elastic to seal your ponytail.
  5. take a piece of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to camouflage it and make it look like your own hair is what's holding the ponytail together. secure the end of the wrapped strand with a bobby pin underneath your ponytail. sometimes it helps to anchor the bobby pin by also sliding it over part of the elastic so there's more bulk to secure.
done! let me know if you have any questions!

outfit: - ASOS platforms, American Apparel tights, Forever 21 skirt, random melrose ave. find slouchy shirt, all Mr. Kate jewelry and lipstick by MAC in 'Ruby Woo' -