sometimes it's fun to

post random photos! i was going through older photos today, to find one to put on a card for my mom for Mother's Day, and i came across some randoms i haven't posted yet... like this one of a necklace style experiment i tried with tangled black aluminum chain, vintage rhinestones and 3 Happy Wrinkle Face pendants.

me and Rachel in a fabric store fun-house mirror

Joey in Vietnam taking in the snakes and scorpion flavored liquor at a local market

a necklace outfit combo i liked. fishtail braid in hair!

the funkiest Thai girl named Ayr (sp?) in Vietnam. she had the most effortless style. i wanted to shave my head like her

me in mom's shoes

the crotch bodyguard.

we had dinner tonight at Inaka and Pearl The Landlord was sitting behind us! i was totally star-struck and i wanted to ask her to yell, "I want my money bitch!"...but instead i quietly ate my hijiki.