more new jewelry!!! the Mr. Kate logo (mustache and beauty mark) jewelry has an expanding family! with the success of my Mr. Kate Logo Knuckle Ring i wanted to do a mini collection with some more logo-themed pieces. here are a couple in yellow gold plate. the horizontal logo ring (that's probably what i'll call it) and the logo necklaces, big and small... plus the other new bracelets from this post, mixed with some Mr. Kate open twig cuffs.

p.s. how fun is sidewalk chalk!? joey and i just encountered this in our neighborhood, no kids in sight. i wish there was hopscotch, but i jumped non-the-less. the colorful chalk reminds me of this girl's blog. Ali turned me onto her blog called Color Me Katie.... she, Katie, is a freelance photographer and street-artist (after seeing Exit Through The Gift Shop i have a newfound fascination with street artists). Katie does the most lovely and colorful and happy things all around the streets and in her apartment... check it out! very inspiring.

photos: JZ

outfit that coincidentally matched the garage door: flea market dress and boots, all Mr. Kate new jewelry (coming soon to my shop) and open twig cuffs.