yesterday there was this giant pile of dead branches and sticks outside of our building. someone must have pruned the trees recently. as i know too well, one man's trash is another woman's treasure! i couldn't help myself and grabbed a bunch for my own decorative purposes. my mom pulled up in her car as i was scrounging around, she said "i saw those yesterday and thought you might take advantage of that pile!" i put a few of my found gems in a big recycled glass jug i got at Ross for around $15 (like the one i used for my DIY jewelry tree). i love how it looks and they're already dried and dead so no maintenance!

if you don't have a green thumb: this is a great design idea in lieu of an indoor plant! anything organic, like a plant or bundle of twigs is great in an indoor space because it breaks up all of the right angles and perfect lines of furniture and doorways and soothes the eye with an organic texture. some chaos is good!

the jug lives next to my DIY tarot hack cabinet.