styling: beanies

Beanies or hats in general are essential in Winter to keep your cabeza (head) warm. As my mom says, "all your heat escapes from your head"… so let's put a lid on that sucker but keep it stylin!

I like to shop for beanies in the mens/guys section of stores because I often find them more slouchy and I'm able to cram my big-ass head of hair more easily in the knitted tube. Below, I've styled two looks with beanies to show how versatile they are for your warmth/style needs. I live in LA, so I get off easy with the cold factor but these looks would look equally cool, errr warm, with tights and a fun coat and scarf, for those of you in colder areas. With the grey hat look I used a wooden hair accessory and jewelry that is hand carved by my friend Sophie Monet, who makes all of her amazing pieces in her radical studio in Venice Beach, CA - check out her website here!

This wood amazingness is by Sophie Monet - see the deets below!

Outfit Deets: Outfit #1:
  • skirt: H&M
  • shirt: Kimberly Ovitz
  • beanie: Urban Outfitters (guy's department)
  • shoes: Tsubo x Timo Weiland
  • wood jewelry and hair band: Sophie Monet
  • metal jewelry: Mr. Kate
Outfit #2:
  • skirt: Zara
  • jacket: Alicia + Megan
  • beanie: H&M
  • shoes: Zara
  • jewelry: Mr. Kate

What do you think? How do you style your beanies?