styling: socks with sandals

Faux pas or for sure?

You heard it here: socks and sandals are totally acceptable! I've said it before (1.heart socks here 2. white socks with spikey shoes here) and I'll say it again, I'm very on board with wearing fun socks with fun sandals! I like that they keep my feet dry and give me another opportunity to add pattern, color of funkiness to an outfit. Now, I'm not talking birkenstocks and sandals, although I'm sure you could find that look on a runway somewhere, I'm partial to patterned or lace ankle socks with strappy, heeled sandals. Here are two outfits that I put together with socks and sandals being the focus - we shot these pics in front of this very bazaar house here in LA that has a ton of giant animal statues all over the front yard…whatever floats your lawn, I guess! I mean, I'm saying "why not?" to socks and sandals so I guess I should lend the same open-mindedness to a gaggle of faux safari animals!

What do you think? Would you say "why not?" to socks with sandals?

Outfit Deets:

Outfit with yellow socks:

  • dress: Tommy Girl
  • jacket: Zara
  • socks: Forever 21
  • shoes: Zara
  • jewelry: Mr. Kate
Outfit with polka dot socks:
  • shorts: vintage
  • t-shirt: Forever 21
  • socks: Forever 21
  • shoes: Zara