styling: wide belts

There's a wide array of ways to wear wide belts! I usually style them with dresses or sometimes a skirt and top. The best thing about wide belts is how they cinch in your waist and for a petite lady, like myself, creating shape and a waist gives the illusion of longer legs (which I don't have being 5'1"). Pair a wide belt with a blousy, loose dress and it will completely change the vibe of the outfit.

You can shop for wide belts at a variety of places including vintage and thrift stores. I like ones like this wide belt with two buckles from Target, or this Maison Boinet black belt, black or brown are easy colors to pair with any ensemble.

These two pairs of sandals I blogged about in the Essential Summer Sandals post, and you can see more about this Lime Crime lipstick I'm wearing in my Favorite Red Lipsticks post. Also, neon nails go with everything! See: Styling: Neon

Some of my favorite wide belt outfits include: Yellow dress and turquoise wide belt, with a leotard, loose shirt and skirt and a flowy maxi skirt with a studded belt that I wore in Maui.

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