styling: winter scarves

Winter scarves are an essential part of any cold-weather wardrobe, so #whynot have some fun giving your scarf-centric outfits some funk? I personally love how scarves give an outfit instant layers. Scarves can range from looking sophisticated to bohemian - it's all in the fabric and size. See how to style a silk scarves in The Many Ways To Style the Mr. Kate Scarf and see my 100% silk design here! Try a tightly woven cashmere or silk scarf for a posh look or go for a more bohemian vibe with a fringed and chunky knit, long guy.

Here are two outfits I styled around some of my favorite winter scarves - I have a lot for someone that lives in southern cali ; )...

  • Outfit #1: I love how scarves give layers and many times elongate your neck. This circle scarf is from American Apparel and really easy to loop many times around my neck without feeling bulky. Pair your scarf with a structured, military-inspired coat - see DIY Military Coat to make your own - patterned skinny jeans, a long shirt, chunky platforms and hair up in a Messy Up-Do.

  • This fantastic chunky knit scarf I got years ago at Barney's - there are similar ones on Etsy. I feel like this is a very Mary-Kate Olsen-when-she-was-in-her-bohemian-days inspired outfit. The chunky knit plays well with the juxtaposition of the (pleather) leather jacket and studded shoes while the flow-y pants and shirt fit in with the bohemian vibe. A dark lip and even messier Messy Up-Do complete this boho look.
Outfit Deets: Outfit #1: Outfit #2: