sublime slam dunk

as i mentioned before, we are embarking on the Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise which is a vegan/macro-biotic cruise around the caribbean. there are lectures and great healthy food and sunshine - oh, and really tall basketball players. on saturday night we went to Sublime restaurant in Fort Lauderdale florida before leaving for the cruise on sunday and it was one of the best vegan restaurants i've ever been to! who knew - ft lauderdale!? oh yeah, and there was a really tall basketball player there, wait, did i already say that? John Salley is a famous vegan NBA star, wellness expert and tv host and he's on the cruise with us to do a couple seminars, take pics with Joey and bonk his head on all the low ceilings...good times!

here are the pics from our amazing Sublime meal...

pesto polenta

the Fritto Misto battered cauliflower with sweet sauce (John Salley's favorite)

Dynamite roll with vegenaise and capers - my favorite

eggplant rollatini with tofu

creamy ceasar salad

Shepherdless Pie - oops, forgot to take the pic before we tasted it!

handmade mushroom ravioli in 'butter' sauce...oops, latent photography too

coconut cake

key lime 'cheesecake'

bashful mom hiding behind the broccollini

you can get any of these recipes from the Sublime Restaurant Cookbook!!!