summer drink: peaches and wine

stone fruit is in season in the Summer! stone fruits are anything with a pit, like peaches, apricots, plums, etc. in stone fruit season, my Italian grandma always puts sliced peaches in wine! it can be white wine or red wine and it can be peaches or apricots or whichever stone fruits you fancy.

it makes an easy, delicious and refreshing drink for Summer! if you don't drink alcohol, try adding your sliced stone fruit to a lovely iced tea! the best part is when you're done with the glass and you get to eat the wine-soaked fruit!...yum!!!

i think this makes a lovely Summer party drink - just keep a cutting board and sliced fruit on hand near your chilled wine and people can add a little sweet snazziness in their glass. optional: add some chilled sparkling water to the wine to create a little fizzy wine spritzer!

Prep It:

  • ripe stone fruit - roughly half a peach to each glass, plus maybe a couple slices of apricot
  • wine of choice - get a slightly dryer white or a light red - remember the fruit will add sweetness so you don't want too sweet of a wine.
  • non-alcohol option: unsweetened iced tea
  • optional: sparkling water
  1. chill your wine or tea and your optional sparkling water
  2. slice your stone fruit
  3. pop slices of stone fruit in the bottom of the glass and pour your wine over.
  4. optional: add a splash of sparkling water to make it a spritzer