Breaking Beige: Swanky Bedroom Design (PART 2)

Cassie got swag! I'm so thrilled with how we were able to transform Cassie's bedroom and add some much needed style to match her own personal flair. If you missed part one, make sure to check it out, here! Watch the video above to see how we took the room from drab to fab and made Cassie cry tears of joy!

List of paint colors and items we used in this design is below!

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MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-17BEFOREMrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-9AFTER MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-14BEFOREMrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-2AFTER MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-15BEFOREMrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-12AFTER

Shop the room:

DIY Bold Circles Patterned Wall

MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-2MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-41MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-43 MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-44 MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-45 MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-46

Do It!:

  1. Use a large circular object (like a trash can lid) and a pencil to trace circles all over the walls. Have fun overlapping and spacing them out sporadically.
  2. Paint over the traced circles using a paintbrush. I wanted the circles to look imperfect and handpainted so I like that you can see the brush strokes.
  3. Let dry and enjoy!


MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-6 MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-7 MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-9

MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-50 MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-11

MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-13 MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-12 MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-47



MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-53 MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-54


See how we transformed this thrifted dresser here!


MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-3 MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-57 MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-60MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-4MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-58MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-61 MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-63 MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-64 MrKate_SwankyBedroomDesign-72



What do you think? Do you love it as much as Cassie does?