Dollar Store Bedroom Makeover!

We have been doing our Mr. Kate Decorates on a Budget series for a few years, but never have we decorated a room for less than $150! But this time, with the help of the Dollar Store and lots and lots of DIYs, we were able to surprise a couple with a bedroom full of color, unique touches, and a mid century modern energy.

Watch the video above and check out more pictures of the room below!

Teen Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

It's been a longtime dream of mine to take on the challenge of a teen bedroom for our Budget Makeover series, and today that has come to fruition! Teenage years are such an important time, and it was a delight to take this room from childhood into a space that can be grown into and grown with. Taking the trends of 2020 into consideration, we designed a room inspired by a minimalist color palette, hobbies of exercise and art, and of course, TikTok!

Watch the episode above and check out the before and after pictures below!

Under $300 Glam Boho Bedroom Makeover

It's been a while since we've been able to do an Under $300 makeover, but to be fair, it's been a while since we've been able to go to the thrift store! This episode marks a fresh start for both of those beloved trends, as we take on a previously pretty empty and uninspiring space for a local teacher and fill it with thrifted finds and DIY touches to give it a lovely and literature-themed makeover!

Watch the episode above and check out the room pics below!

$200 Bedroom Makeover | Hygge Style

If you're not familiar with the term "hygge," it is the Danish word for the feeling of simplicity and coziness that has gained major traction in interior design ... and it is the vibe of today's budget bedroom makeover! Our recipient, Allison, moved into a room that used to be an AirBnb, so it was generic and, ironically, not very inviting at all!

This was one of our most creatively engaging budget room makeovers, since we were able to DIY and upcycle a bunch of items in the room. Watch the episode above to see it all come together and get the details below!

Can you believe that these tables are a DIY? Joey built these from an old headboard that Allison no longer wanted!

We designed these tables to be nesting tables — styled and used together or separately, and to be easily picked up and brought to different parts of the room! How's that for efficient?!

It's not common to hang a pendant light from the wall like a sconce, but there was an outlet for a light in the middle of Allison's wall and so we worked with it! I like the unusual, yet cozy and modern vibe it gives the room.

This duvet cover was another DIY! Since Allison's existing duvet cover was white cotton, we dyed it with Pearl Gray dye, a pinch of salt, and a dash of dish soap! I love the organic way the fabric absorbed the dye. This bedding looks so expensive now, but the project cost less than $10!

This was just a console for Allison before, but with some foam, thrifted sheets, and my favorite item — a hot glue gun — it was transformed into a bench!

Allison was enamored with her new room, and we were so inspired and excited about how our thrift shopping and DIY-ing came together to create a very hygge moment for this lovely lady,

Tween Bedroom on a Budget

It's not often I look back on tween-age and think "I miss it!" but after decorating this room for the amazing Bennett, I was so inspired by all of the creativity and discovery of that age. In addition to being a soccer player, a musician, and a #creativeweirdo, Bennett is also a little sister who was finding her way, moving into the bedroom of her older sister, Arbor, who recently passed away.

It was so meaningful to be able to make this experience a positive one for Bennett and her family. I made sure the space fit all of her interests and gave her space to create and explore even further! Watch the episode above and check out the before and after pictures below!

I took some time before the shoot to create this watercolor painting for Bennett. She feels connected to her sister through music, so I wanted this to be something that could be a heartfelt reminder of something and someone she loves every day!

Get the steps for this Under $15 Macrame here!

DIY Fairy Lights and Instant Photos Headboard

Your bedroom is arguably the most personal space in your home, which is why it's very common to display special photos of family, friends, loved ones, or specific memories in that area.

With this DIY, which is perfect for dorms or other bedrooms sans traditional headboards, I combined the irresistible, incandescent glow of copper fairy lights with the popular Instax photos to make a headboard that is glowy and full of good times.

Prep It:

Fairy lights Small photo clips Instax Camera (if you don't already have!)

Do It!:

  1. String up your fairy lights over your bed, using small nails, or command hooks if you don't want to make holes!
  2. Once your lights are arranged as you'd like them, start clipping photos onto the wire between lights.
  3. Rearrange your photos, switch them out, add more, and keep the interactivity of this headboard design going!
Under $300 Studio Apartment Makeover

On Instagram and Pinterest, tiny homes are an aesthetically-pleasing foray into space saving and the power of hashtags. In Los Angeles and other metropolitan areas, tiny homes aren't just a fascination — they're a common reality.

For this studio apartment makeover, the focus was less on decorating and more on redesigning. Brittany had all of the furniture needed (maybe too much, actually!) so I focused on giving the bedroom/living room area a new practical flow.

Watch the episode above and check out the before and after pictures below!

Under $300 Bedroom Makeover ... For a Guy!

Give me a room, give me $300, and I will give you 1) an episode of Mr. Kate Decorates, and 2) an experience that hopefully helps the life of the person whose room I madeover!

In this episode, our main guy Drew definitely benefited from an updated space. A music teacher and single guy, Drew's lackluster bedroom kept him from taking romance too far and embarrassed him with his students. We used neutral colors and vintage accents to give him a "manimalist" space that he can be proud of.

Watch the episode above and check out the before and after pictures below!

Before the makeover, Drew was using a patterned blanket to cover his windows. That was an easy first step to give him a more sophisticated space. Yes, this desk is really just some plywood! Check out this DIY headboard for a similar technique if you want to make your own! Find out how I made this DIY Music Notes Clock! This was a first! We have never had someone lay on the floor and hug their new rug! Love Drew's enthusiasm!!

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DIY Geometric Wood Drawer Knobs

Sometimes you meet a dresser, or a sideboard, or a side table, or a ... suitcase, and you know that despite its out-of-shape appearance, all it really needs is a little love. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of a good upcycle! So, when I encountered this structurally sound, but a little drippy and dusty dresser, I knew it just needed a new coat of paint and some ultra modern DIY knobs to make it #flawless.

What's great about these knobs is that, unlike store-bought options, you can adjust the DIY to fit any piece you might need! Yay! New knobs for all!

Dresser BEFORE...

Prep It:

Plywood Pencil Jigsaw Sandpaper Paint Wood screws - long enough to go through the drawer and some of the wood but not all the way! Drill Do It!:

  1. Draw out the shapes of your knobs onto the piece of wood. Keep in mind the size of the drawers, and try to make each shape different! Unless you're pretty experienced with a jig saw, or are getting help from someone who is, use mostly obtuse angles and nothing too complex, for ease of cutting.
  2. Use the proper safety equipment and cut out your knobs! Sand them down before painting to smooth out any roughness or sharp edges.
  3. For each knob that you need, cut out a small square or rectangle piece. These don't need to be perfect, since they won't be seen, but it's important that they're smaller than the knobs.
  4. Paint your knobs the desired color and the smaller pieces the same color as the dresser/ nightstand/ piece of furniture that you are upgrading.
  5. Once all the pieces are dry, remove any previous knobs from the piece and start adding your new ones. Open the drawers and use a drill to screw a wood screw through the hole and into first the small piece, then the knob. It's helpful to hold those pieces into place as you want them and just screw all at once.
  6. Repeat step 5 until all of your new knobs are attached!
Bedroom on A Budget!: Room Makeover for Less Than $300

By this point, you guys know me. You know I love to shop. Whether that shopping is online or through an antique shop with another YouTuber, there is just nothing quite so fun as finding the pieces that will come together to create a perfect space.

For this episode of Mr. Kate Decorates, I wanted to give myself a challenge — 1 day to shop and only $300 to spend. Many people who watch my channel are busy and on a budget and they should have beautiful rooms, too! So, with Joey as my partner in crime/ vlog camera man, and some upcycling up my sleeve, I was able to turn this near-empty bedroom into a sophisticated pad on the cheap!

Watch the video above and check out the before-and-after pictures, below!

Recognize the room-defining effect of my fave DIY, the Half-Painted Wall?! Tip for budget statement art: Buy a canvas print at a thrift store and give it a minimalist makeover by painting it over in black (or white), and painting a one- or two-tone abstract design! Even though this dresser was in the room before, we gave it new life with a fresh coat of paint and some cool DIY Polygon Drawer Knobs! Awh! Alex, our room makeover recipient, absolutely loves her new space! She says it feels like home.

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