We transform this TINY room into a *Multi-Purpose* Bedroom/Office (DIYs & Thrift-store finds!)

We made the small space in our guest house into a multi-purpose bedroom and home office suitable for both kids and adults! Sophisticated Fun! Following the neutral theme we established in the guest house we did a beachy striped makeover full of DIYs from an easy DIY rattan inspired lamp shade, to DIY picture rails and a big Ikea flip with a bookshelf DIY upgrade. We are also showing you how to style a convertible trundle bed to maximize sleeping area, but keeping it cute. This is the final makeover in this guest house before we welcome our guests so this is the reveal of the full home makeover!

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Raised Garden Bed DIY


- Bottomless galvanized utility tub

- Spray paint (made for metal surfaces)

- Vegetables and herbs (from seedlings or seeds)

- Soil (preferably a compost mixture)

- Mulch

- Cardboard


1. Paint tubs with metal spray paint on the outside only.

2. Once they are dry, place the tubs on ground and put a layer of mulch at the bottom. Then add some mulch. This creates a barrier between the ground to prevent weeds from coming through.

3. Fill the tubs with soil (but not all the way to the top!)

4. Add your favorite herbs and vegetables, or even flowers!

5. Water and watch them grow!

Ultimate Backyard Makeover! *DIY garden, lounge area + water park! (Island Fixer-Upper)

We transformed our backyard into the most magical place ever! We DIY'd the most colorful play set, created a cozy and chic outdoor seating area, and planted our first vegetable garden. You're going to love this makeover, the before and after transformation is so dramatic and fun! If you are looking for inspiration for your backyard makeover that is perfect for both kids and adults look no further– we've got you colorfully covered!


Front Porch Makeover with *Easy Tips for ANY Outdoor Space*

What an exciting outdoor day! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a bunch of family and so we are pulling together our front porch lanai so that we all have a place to hang out! It's a dream come true to have a tropical paradise in your front yard, so we are going to show you how we decorate an outdoor space, and also give you 5 essential tips / decorating hacks for your outdoor space, plus Joey gets a bean bag finally! The color and creativity that decorating outside allows in a makeover is so magical and fun. We hope this inspires you to makeover your porch, patio or balcony into something embracing the outdoors and your environment.

Our first sunset (of many to come) on our newly renovated lanai....

Minimalist-Serene Room Makeover in 12 HOURS! *Easy decor tips*

We have a day to completely transform this bedroom into a dreamy, serene and minimalist dream bedroom. We do a super easy but super stunning DIY that anyone can do - plus we put decals on the ceiling!? The before and after of this bedroom makeover is beautiful and hopefully inspiring for your own bedroom makeovers. Soft fabrics, neutral color palette, linen bedding, and decals on the ceiling!

We decided to make our own minimalist custom side tables. A very simple DIY we did by cutting plywood into inter-locking pieces and using wood glue!

Upon clearing the room we found something under the carpet.... a hidden SAFE in the floor! We are yet to find out what's inside of it.