tapestry drag

it's no secret that i love drag queen shoes (or 'tranny' shoes as Rachel Zoe calls them... but that's no longer PC). the crazier, higher and brighter the better! i HAD to have these ABLAZE wedges from ASOS - they're the slightly less-high versions of the Jeffrey Campbell tapestry Damsel platforms that seem to be sold out everywhere - but these ASOS ones are so comfy! and cheaper!

this is a variation of the outfit that i wore to tape my next (upcoming) appearance on The Nate Berkus show! i ended up changing my shirt… i'll let you know when the episode is going to air and post some behind the scenes footage and the how-to for the extreeemly cute project i did on the show! think, thrift store and bright colors… i know, typical Mr. Kate!

off to LA today after an extremely successful NYC visit! PS - send me more Halloween costume pics! i love the ones i've seen so far and i want to do a post with all of them this week! (kate@mrkate.com)

- american apparel top and hair bow, thrift store tutu, forever 21 tights, and ASOS ABLAZE tapestry wedges and all Mr. Kate jewelry including The Stylish Wanderer x Mr. Kate presents Le Cadeau giant bow ring! -