the best incense in the world

my mom sometimes burned incense when i was a wee one. i've always loved the warm, sweet smoke. in high school i actually tried to smoke incense...but that's another story. i think i've found the best brand out there for incense, and you can order it online! it's called Fred Soll's Resin On A Stick, very aptly name because this incense looks like candy! it is actually sticky and has crystalized sugar rocks along each stick. it takes forever to burn (so it's very worth the $11 per package) and the scents are naturally fragrant (not that icky artificial sweet smell). my favorites are Honey Amber and Frankincense & Myrrh ...Jesus' favorite flavor.

incense is thought to date back to ancient Egypt. it has been used throughout the years in spiritual practices for purification and meditation or just simply for setting a mood or masking bad odors. i use it for aromatherapy and relaxation, it makes me feel cozy!