the messy danish

it was a stripes and polkadots kind of day... oh and some lace biker shorts made it into the mix. i had a hair appointment today to get my roots done so this morning i didn't really bother to do anything with it but this little Renaissance inspired do, and i actually liked the way it turned out!

How To 'Do' A Messy Renaissance Side Danish (it's too messy to be a bun!): - keep your hair messy, like the messier the better, don't get the knots out! this look can work with straight hair too, just spray it with some hair spray and maybe add some baby powder to the roots to make it piecey and give it body. - take two sections close to your face on either side of your part (about .5 width of hair) and braid them in small braids. bring them back and fasten them above your ear with bobby pins and leave the ends of the hair un-braided. - gather the rest of your scraggly hair at the nape of your neck, over to one side (i prefer my right) and form it into a clump. it's important that you not try to twist your hair into an actual bun because it will look too neat. instead just start securing the clump of messy hair to your head with randomly placed bobby pins, the more pieces overlapping or sticking out, the better!

- melrose ave. random shirt, cut-off jean shorts, f21 socks, steve madden wedges, urban 1972 fishnet bike shorts, all Mr. Kate jewelry -