the old west

did a serious closet cleaning job and it felt so good! i found clothes i'd forgotten about that were buried alive from my slovenliness - like this little ditty of a top from topshop, which was wrinkled to the max but i liked it that way. i let it inspire, or condone, my hesitation to wash or brush my hair and instead just piled the rat's nest on top of my head, secured with some trusty and seemingly super human bobby pins... btw, who's bobby?

these crazy fantastic earrings were another discovery when cleaning out an old purse. i wish i could remember where i bought them - it was in NYC in Nolita when i was in high school, that's all i can recall.

- james jeans, sam edelman shoes, american apparel leotard, topshop petite top, all Mr. Kate jewelry except the beaded earrings from unknown origins-