the red shoe district

todays cloudy day adventure took us to Venice Beach. Joey, Ali and i went to lunch at Seed, a macrobiotic restaurant, where we had some amazing burgers and bowls of seasonal goodness and mini vegan red velvet cupcakes! then we walked the boardwalk and debated getting tattoos...we didn't.

some highlights: Ali's orange rain boots, walking on the sand in wedges, a sneak peek of the prototype of a new ring i'm working on, an abandoned freak show, crazy painted walls, a psychic dog, and a lonely felt mustache that Ali spotted on the boardwalk...it was a sign!

my duds: Velvet dress, Target lace leggings and scarf, Kmart yellow jacket, vintage Dior leg warmers, steve madden boots, urban bag, all Mr. Kate jewelry including new ring (coming soon!). Ali's duds: Hunter rain boots, american apparel shirt, random leggings and beanie, banana republic jacket, vintage purse, Mr. Kate jewelry (bow ring, screw you in black silver, black silver cereal ring).

Joey and i are watching Out Rage now. it's a documentary about closeted gay politicians. it's so fascinating/sad/maddening how their secrecy makes them hate the very thing they are, and thus vote against any gay rights measure. it is definitely a flaw in our culture that we don't celebrate people for who they really are.

photos: me and JZ