Real Talk: Therapy, Facials, and My Healthy Meal Plan

Even though my vlogs lately have been majorly focused on showing you the shopping and prep work that goes into major interior design installs like the OMG We're Coming Over episodes (i.e. 70 trips to Home Goods), I also have a lot of things going on in my life that aren't design and DIY-related.

You guys have asked me a lot of questions lately on everything from my therapy session, skincare, haircare and healthy eating (vegan, plant-based, vegetarian, gluten-free, pescatarian) meal plans! I decided to turn on the camera recently to capture some of those moments of my life like, discussing why I love therapy (you may want to also watch this video with my sister where we talk about her car accident) to grocery shopping for the week and a little pampering thanks to a treat-myself-moment blow out and facial. Health and self-care are so important to me — they're what enables me to keep going and making all those interior design videos, jewelry collections, and Snapchat stories!! It was equally as important to me to be able to open up this side of my life to you, because sharing our health tips and how we take care of ourselves is important, no stigma here!

I hope you enjoy this vlog! Leave a comment about what you would want to see in the next one! mrkate_come_____withme-1-of-3 mrkate_come_____withme-2-of-3


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