• Tiny & Cluttered Bedroom Makeover for Aspiring YouTuber!
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Tiny & Cluttered Bedroom Makeover for Aspiring YouTuber!

When you scroll down and see the 'before' pictures of this bedroom, you'll realize what a challenge this makeover was! Even though our recipient's nickname is Tiny, and her room reflects that moniker, she had by no means a tiny amount of things!

However, once she did some Marie Kondo-ing, we were able to see all the potential in this room and transform it into a calming, bohemian-inspired space that honored her Guatemalan heritage and could serve as a filming space for her growing YouTube channel! Watch the episode above and see the before and after pictures below!

I created this mini tapestry for Tiny with a piece of vintage Guatemalan fabric!

I was so inspired by Tiny's energy and creative vibe that I painted a portrait of her for her room, and strung a DIY garland of Guatemalan worry dolls across it!