tips on photographing kids

photographing kids is so fun. they are inherently photogenic because duh, they're cute! here is a batch of pics i took of joey's nephew Jonah over xmas in Indiana... he is ridiculously cute and my little buddy! he's 3. the other pics are of my friend AJ and Jenny's (check out her hilarious mommy blog here!) precious, 1 year old daughter, Magnolia aka "Maggie"- who was looking oh so adorable wrapped in her mom's sweatshirt at the Spartan Race this weekend.

Mr. Kate's tips for photographing kids: (i am an amateur photographer so excuse the lack of lingo)

  • my favorite thing to do is to zoom all the way out and then move in physically with the camera lens to get close to their face. that way you get that almost fish-eye vibe. kids are the only faces that look good fish-eyed! plus, when you're that close, they tend to look at you more often!
  • try extreme angles. i.e. get all the way above them (bird's eye), below them or exactly on their eye level.
  • edit them by boosting the saturation and contrast so you deepen their eye color and the rosiness in their cheeks and lips.
  • boost the blues and reds when editing.
  • natural light is the best
  • when using flash get really close to achieve that blown out more 'pro' look and darken the blacks when editing to get a nice contrast.
  • the more the merrier. just keep snapping and you'll get 1 in 10 shots that are awesome and candid!