today's hair

today's hair was dirty and messy, so i pulled it up in a messy bun and wrapped my Nuts 4 Bows Etc. Chain and Nuts Etc. Chain around my head and fastened them in place with a couple bobby pins in the back of my head. if your hair is dirty but you don't have time to wash it, i say embrace the texture of dirty hair (rather than brushing it), put a little bit of baby powder on your roots to soak up the oil (my fave is the talc free and lavender scented one from Dr. Haushka) and pile it on top of your head. by adding something decorative, like a headband or piece of leather or something, the messiness then looks intentional as opposed to fresh from the gym.

Bow Ear Cuff in white gold plate, Screw You and my new Mini Logo Necklace in 14k white gold (coming soon), also making an appearance.