had a farewell lunch with my wee sis today... she's leaving for Spain for 6 weeks! i know you'll have a blast Tessie!

we ate outside at Coral Tree Cafe, i had vegetable soup, whole grain bread, a side of avocado and sun-dried tomatoes which i spread on the toast... so good! we then got manicures and i got a nice taupe color after deciding that my first choice, which was a dark green that i named "sludge," would be too obvious when my manicure chips in one day... cuz that always happens!

thanks so much to you peeps who ordered some of my new twig and tree bracelets! i'm sure you'll love them!

- heritage 1981 jeans, jeffrey campbell boots, urban men's sunnies, Joie top and Natalie B. rhinestone necklace (both gifts from Tess), diy feather doohickey hair clip, Mr. Kate cereal necklace in rose gold, Mr. Kate small logo necklace in rose gold, cereal rings stacked with silver twig rings, bark ring, screw crown ring as pinkie ring -

photos by TA