yesterday i worked my tuckus off on a little sumptin sumptin. i'm so excited to debut it soon! i wore this outfit all day, which was actually quite comfortable. the presence of tights underneath tight shorts helps with the wedgie threat. i think i've over-dosed on pasta salad. i've made two batches in bulk over the past two weeks so it's my go-to easy, vegan meal. i'll post the recipe soon.

jewelry sales have been so great lately! i'm trying to manufacture so i can get out within 2 weeks of the orders that are placed. the best sellers have been the Bark Ear Cuff, the Worm Cuffs and Twig Cuffs...actually pretty much anything from my Earth collection. yay!

- thrift shirt, goodwill belt, american apparel shorts and tights, jeffrey campbell shoes, all Mr. Kate jewelry including The Stylish Wanderer x Mr. Kate presents Le Cadeau -