Turning Our Gross Garage Into a Beautiful Home Gym

Memo to all the membership gyms out there: working out is a lot more pleasant when you're looking at a crystal chandelier. Seriously, though! Gyms get a reputation for being super function over fashion (and for good reason for all your muscles), but as we finished transforming our garage into a home gym, I intentionally designed it with brightness and spa-like accents in mind.

Watch us make this makeover happen in the video above and check out the before and after pictures and shopping links below!

The garage in its original form: beige and brick red!

Once we cleared out everything, it was a lot easier to see what we were working with ... including these natural shingles that we realized would look amazing with some white paint.

So, as you can see, it's been a long journey from dark and dusky pseudo-storage locker to this bright, open, and beautiful home gym. Such a better use of the space!

Always with an eye for space-saving (and reality TV), we found this perfect PRX Performance equipment, which happens to have been featured on Shark Tank. The rack folds up into the wall when you're done using it, leaving lots of open space for other types of workouts in the room!

Shop this room:

Couldn't have a complete gym without lemon water and eucalyptus towels. It's the little things.