Tween Bedroom on a Budget

It's not often I look back on tween-age and think "I miss it!" but after decorating this room for the amazing Bennett, I was so inspired by all of the creativity and discovery of that age. In addition to being a soccer player, a musician, and a #creativeweirdo, Bennett is also a little sister who was finding her way, moving into the bedroom of her older sister, Arbor, who recently passed away.

It was so meaningful to be able to make this experience a positive one for Bennett and her family. I made sure the space fit all of her interests and gave her space to create and explore even further! Watch the episode above and check out the before and after pictures below!

I took some time before the shoot to create this watercolor painting for Bennett. She feels connected to her sister through music, so I wanted this to be something that could be a heartfelt reminder of something and someone she loves every day!

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