ugly sweater

here i go espousing the virtues of synthetic shoes and then the next day showing up in leather ones! oh well, i ain't perfect, or i'm a hypocrite, or a work in progress, or whatever you want to call me, but i am going to try and phase out buying new leather shoes (vintage still seems okay to me... thoughts?)

i saw these shoes first on Knight Cat and had to type my way over to Topshop for some damage. they're so wonderfully tall and i will definitely wear them longer this fall/winter than it takes to eat a steak... i paired them with this fantastically ugly (and synthetic) man's sweater i got from the Goodwill in Maine by my grandparents's house. it has pleather stripes down the front, slouchy sleeves and dare i say, a mock turtleneck! ugh fest!

- topshop shoes and leggings, Goodwill sweater, Ali's raybans, all Mr. Kate jewelry (Bark, Twig and Glow Worm cuffs and Twig Stack Rings) -