unbreakable wine glasses

it's genius. these wine glasses are made of plastic and were created first as a trade tool, to help professional wine sellers showcase their wine in situations when formal glass stemware wasn't practical. the body of the glass also has an indent for your thumb to rest. they're made by Govino and sell for $12.95 for a pack of 4.

the glasses are made from 100% food-safe, BFA-free polymer. they're designed to reflect the wine's color, body, taste and aroma in the same way that crystal does.

they are also reusable and recyclable! the best part is that they are unbreakable - you can throw it or drop it and it stays in tact! perfect for someone like me who goes through wine glasses extremely fast. probably because i prefer to drink everything out of a wine glass, it makes water feel classier! if you're wondering what that purple stuff is, it's Acai Berry Emergen-C.