Under $300 Bedroom Makeover ... For a Guy!

Give me a room, give me $300, and I will give you 1) an episode of Mr. Kate Decorates, and 2) an experience that hopefully helps the life of the person whose room I madeover!

In this episode, our main guy Drew definitely benefited from an updated space. A music teacher and single guy, Drew's lackluster bedroom kept him from taking romance too far and embarrassed him with his students. We used neutral colors and vintage accents to give him a "manimalist" space that he can be proud of.

Watch the episode above and check out the before and after pictures below!

Before the makeover, Drew was using a patterned blanket to cover his windows. That was an easy first step to give him a more sophisticated space. Yes, this desk is really just some plywood! Check out this DIY headboard for a similar technique if you want to make your own! Find out how I made this DIY Music Notes Clock! This was a first! We have never had someone lay on the floor and hug their new rug! Love Drew's enthusiasm!!

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