Under $300 Room for Kids

It's a very lucky kid to have a dedicated room just for playing ... and it's an extra very lucky two boys — Lincoln and Nolan — whose mom asked me to come and transform their big, open, and messy playroom into a space that is presentable and playful!

We decorated this entire room for under $300, so we had to get crafty with discount store finds, clever paint techniques, and ... maybe some finds from our own home to accomplish a colorful and all-ages-approved room for the whole family!

Watch the video above and check out the before and after pics below! Budget tip!! To save money on paint, we only painted about half of this very large room. To save paint, yet get the maximum effect of color, we taped and painted at a diagonal! Using chalkboard paint gave me (and the boys' mom, in the future) the chance to write out ideas and draw cute details on the painted areas! Following this tutorial's technique, you can make hockey pucks into drawer knobs!!